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2006年 01月 30日

I ♡ Omiyage


Omiyage means gifts or souvenirs in Japanese. My mother went to Taiwan and Japan and came back with gifts as much as she could carry. My aunt family always gives us loads of gifts. We received so many wonderful gifts again this time. I was very chuffed (not with backshot, Mrs. K) with a magazine called "Suteki Resipi ("nice recipes") written by Harumi Kurihara. This edition's special is "my ordinal recipes which are enjoyed in the world". Since she published her recipe book in English, she is famous in the world. My British sister-in-law loves the book.


They gave us so many sweets and teas. Camembert cheese flavoured rice cracker and chocolate from Godiva were gone instantly after taking this photo.


I was very happy to receive the apple which was made at my grand parents' farm.


I asked my mum to buy salted plum, but my aunt gave me the one she pickled. It's not too salty and delicious. I put it in my husband's lunch box as well.


The thing which seduced me was spring onion miso flavoured rice cracker. I opened it as soon as I took this picture.


The rice cracker was wrapped with the bamboo skin. Japanese wrapping culture is pretty.




The maccha flavoured Casutera "sponge cake, speciality in Nagasaki" was delicious. Casutera has lots of honey in it and it tasted yummy.


I am pleased to receive boiled and dried baby sardines. Foreigners often get surprised to see us eating these tiny fish.


Pickled Cod roe which I was waiting for. I had it with just cooked rice. It was the moment that I was glad I was a Japanese. I gave some to my husband. His reaction was "Fishy", "Bitter". It was the moment that I thought I had not given it to him.


Soy sauce pickled Salmon roe. I made a rice ball with the roe inside for my lunch, and I was looking foward to have it from the morning.


This is the cap that my aunt knitted within one night. She is a master of knitting who taught me how to knit. She easily knits a mind-boggling complicated pattern. I would like to be like that.


These are from my mum. It must have been heavy to carry. Thank you.


My mum carried one other heavy thing, a rice cooker(T0T). My mum and aunt went to buy it for me(T0T). Rice tastes dangerously good!


You cannot buy Yuzu (a kind of citrus fruit) here, so I asked my mum to buy the Yuzu juice which my sister introduced me. I can use it for many recipes and you can make a good sauce if you mix it with soy sauce and "dashi" sauce.


The omiyages were in the shopping bag of a supermarket near our house. It's much cuter than it used to be.

Thank you very much for the many omiyage.


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2006年 01月 27日

Trixie and Toby


ジョギングに行く度にいつもおはようと挨拶をしていた、TrixieとTobyと飼い主のおじさん。以前、この記事でも紹介した。最近見かけないと思っていたら、大晦日の散歩中にイングリッシュベイで飼い主のおじさんが亡くなったと近所のドッグフードデリ(犬さん用惣菜屋)に記事が貼り付けてあったのを読んでショックを受けました。ご冥福を祈ります。TrixieとTobyは一度SPCA (The Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals・動物愛護協会)に引き取られたが、彼らは生肉を与えられていたため、普通のドッグフードは食べないことが判明。生肉は2匹で1ヶ月3000ドル(30万円)程かかるので、心配した近隣の住民たちが彼らのために基金を設立した。その後、Chilliwackに住む、飼い主のお友達が引き取ることになったと分かった。もう会えないと思うと寂しいな。

I said good morning to Trixie and Toby, and their owner every time I met them during jogging. I wrote about them before in this article. I didn’t see them recently. I read an article on the shop window of the dog food deli near my house. It was a great shock to me to read the dogs’ owner passed away at English Bay during a walk on New Year’s eve. I extend my sympathy for the loss. Trixie and Toby were sent to SPCA and SPCA found out these dogs were fed only raw meat and they didn’t eat normal dog food. Raw meat diet costs about $3000 a month for the two, so neighbors who were worried about the dogs made a fund for them. Later, I found that a friend of the owner in Chilliwack is now looking after the dogs. I will miss them.

Article on Jan 6th from Vancouver Courier
Article on Jan 18th from Vancouver Courier

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2006年 01月 25日

Next Prime Minister of Canada


昨日のカナダの総選挙では保守党が勝ち、13年間の自由党政権は終わりました。保守党党首の47歳の(髪型がオタクっぽい)Stephen Harper氏↑が次期首相に就任する予定ですが、保守党は議席過半数に満たないため少数与党政権となります。2006年カナダの政治は面白くなりそうです。

The Conservative party won the federal election in Canada yesterday, ending 13 years of Liberal Party rule. The 47 year old leader of the Conservative party, (geeky hair style) Stephen Harper↑, will be the next prime minister, however, since the party is short of a majority of the parliament it becomes a small minority goverment. It looks like Canadian politics is about to get more interesting in 2006.

Election results in 2004/2004年の選挙結果
138 Liberal/自由党
99 Conservative/保守党
54 Bloc Quebecois/ブロック・ケベコワ
19 New Democratic/新民主党
1 Independent/無所属
308 Total/総議席数

Election results in 2006/2006年の選挙結果
124 Conservative/保守党
103 Liberal/自由党
51 Bloc Quebecois/ブロック・ケベコワ
29 New Democratic/新民主党
1 Independent/無所属
308 Total/総議席数



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2006年 01月 25日



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2006年 01月 23日

Parkside Restaurant

Parkside Restaurant に行ってきました。カメラとミニ三脚持って行きましたが、ちょっと写真を撮る雰囲気ではなかったので、撮りませんでした。私が食べたのは。。。

We went to Parkside Restaurant. I brought my camera and a mini tripod but the atomosphere wasn't like taking pictures, so I didn't. I ate...

*Pesto crusted salmon carpaccio, potato and green bean salad, tapenade vinaigrette
*Braised beef short rib, spring onion mashed potato, savoy cabbage, mustard jus
*Dolce latte Gorgonzola, toasted pecans, poached apple and Greek honey

全て美味。それぞれの素材が完璧に調理されていました。友人が頼んだ、Sticky toffee pudding, spiced rum and ginger ice creamを一口食べさせてもらいました。ショウガ味のアイス初めて食べましたが、素晴らしい味でした。


Everything had beautiful taste. Each ingredient was cooked perfectly. I had a bite of sticky toffee pudding, spiced rum and ginger ice cream which our friend ordered. It was my first ginger flavoured icecream and it was wonderful.

There were nice paintings in this restaurant. The bathroom was clean. The food was excellent, moreover I find the service is the best of the restaurants I've been in Vancouver. It was a fun night.

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