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2005年 02月 26日

My jogging route...


I go jogging around the Stanley park (about 10km) twice a week with my jogging mates normally 5 or 6 people. I have been doing this for two years now, even it rains or snows. The pink line is today's jogging route. The pink numbers are the places where I took the pictures below.


①We gather here at 7am. Mr. & Mrs. K got married in a big boat and it moored here to exchange vows. Ahhhhhh. It was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to. 


②The Lion's Gate Bridge. It was built in 1938. It’s 1793.4 meter long and pretty crowded with cars during rush hours. You can cycle this bridge but pretty challenging.


③The Pacific ocean.


④Vancouver is the biggest port in the West coast and across Canada. Vessels wait around here for their turn to de-stuff their cargo or wait to pick up cargo.


⑤View of West Vancouver from Third beach.


⑥Downtown. You can see a bridge in the middle, which is called Burrard bridge.

b0059607_11404230.jpg⑦セカンドビーチ。 セカンドとサードビーチはあるのにファーストビーチはない。

⑦Second beach. There are Second and Third beaches but no First beach.


⑦Oct 31, 1991, In Honour of Albert (Homer) Homenchuk on the occasion of his 60th birthday and completion of his 13th marathon. With love from family and friends.


⑦This water fountain was built at Second beach for my jogging friend, Albert. He is now 73 years old. He started to do marathons when he was 50 and he just finished his 74th marathon. I have only done 4 half marathons. He is a lovely gentleman. Respect!

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2005年 02月 24日

A package from London...





I received a package from my honey’s sister in London. I opened it with excitement and it had a pair of beautiful earrings and these↑. One is called Quavers which is my honey’s the most favorite cheesy crisps in his life. These three packages were gone into our stomachs in 5 minutes. It had new cheese and bacon flavor, which was yummy. In Britain, chips are called crisps, and fries are called chips. Complicated.

The other one is Green & Black’s organic chocolate. I didn’t eat this chocolate when I was in Britain, but according to my sister in law, you cannot eat other brands of chocolate once you taste this one. Okay, I will try them out tonight. Hee hee hee.

↓These are birthday cards. Aren't they sweet?

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2005年 02月 23日


b0059607_8502079.jpg良いレビューを聞いていたのでこの映画を観た。オーマイブッダ!めちゃ長い映画。私達は間違って特別長編を見てしまった。これは劇場用より30分長い、175分。Doh!この映画が良いというのは主役のJamie Foxxが出演しているからだと思う。彼はRay Charlesの真似がとっても上手だったけど、Ray Charles自身には感動しなかった。あ、でも映画に出てくるRay Charlesの音楽は良かった(当たり前!)。監督はTaylor Hackfordで、(Meg RyanとRussell Croweが恋に落ちた)Proof of Life, The Devil’s Advocate(邦題:ディアボロス/悪魔の扉(なーんやそれ!)), La Bambaなど結構悪い映画を作っている。

We watched this film because we heard lots of good reviews. Oh my Buddha! It was a long film. We watched the extended version by mistake. It’s 30 minutes longer than the theater version and it was 175 min. Doh! I guess this film is good because of the main actor, Jamie Foxx. He mimicked so well of Ray Charles but I am not impressed with Ray Charles himself. Oh, but Ray Charles’ songs in this film were good (of course!). The director is Taylor Hackford made other films like Proof of Life (where Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe fell in love), The Devil's Advocate, La Bamba, which are all pretty bad.


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2005年 02月 22日

Memoirs of Geisha

b0059607_8405597.jpg私の新年の誓いは本を読むことだった。ミセスKがこの本を薦めてくれて彼女から借りた。英語の(いや、日本語でも)本はずっと読んでなかったのでこの450ページを読み終えるのに自信がなかった。でも実際は、とてもエンターテイニングでもっと読みたくさせる本だった。このアメリカ人著者の芸者の世界に関しての知識は目覚しく深く、私が知らなかった事もあった。この本を題材に、「さゆり」という映画が作られていて今年リリースされる。ラストサムライの渡辺謙や、Shall we dance?の役所広司、ミステリートレインの工藤夕貴が出演する。桃井かおりの置き屋の意地悪な「お母さん」役は見たい。残念ながら、主役や他の重要な芸者は有名な中国人女優によって演じられる。ハリウッドに通用する日本人女優はいないんですかねぇ?では、彼女らがどのように日本の芸者を演じるのか見ましょう。

My new year’s resolution was to read books. Mrs. K recommended me this book and I borrowed it from her. I hadn’t read books in English (nor Japanese) for ages and I wasn’t confident to finish the 450 pages. But in fact, this book was very entertaining and it made me want to read more. This American author’s knowledge about geisha’s world is impressively deep, and there are things I didn’t know. Based on this book, a film called “Sayuri” is in production and it’s to be released this year. Ken Watanabe from Last Samurai, Koji Yakusho from Shall we dance? (Japanese version), and Yuki Kudo from Mystery train are going to be in this film. I want to see Kaori Momoi whose role is the mean "Mother" of the tea house. Disappointingly the main character and other important geishas are acted by famous Chinese actresses. Are there no high profile Japanese actresses to attract Hollywood audiences? Well, let’s see how these guys act as Japanese geishas.

Post Note on Mar 1:I read this article from Mainichi Daily News. It says real geishas in Gion are really against to this story and call it a real pain.

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2005年 02月 21日


Mr. & Mrs. K gave me a bouquet of cute flowers for my birthday. Nice.
This orchid is blooming for the second time. I bought it for honey's birthday last year.
I bought this one in January this year.

Everyone is very pretty.

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2005年 02月 18日

Diarios de motocicleta / The motorcycle diary


We watched a film about Che Guevara in his youth. He is famous for joining the Cuban Revolution with Castro in 1956. 5 years before this revolution, he took a year off when he was in a medical university in Argentina. He traveled with his best friend, Alberto Granado, on a motorbike from the south to the north of Latin America. During this trip, he saw so many people were so unfairly exploited and impoverished. It is said what he saw in this trip changed his life to be a Marxist. This film shows the natural beauty of Latin America and its people.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (7!)


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2005年 02月 15日

春秋火鍋: Landmark Hotpot House


We went to office department dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year. We have three Chinese people in my department and they picked this restaurant which they say is the best hot pot restaurant in Vancouver. The Chinese hot pot is little bit different from the Japanese one; you can have dual soup in one pot. Our colleagues picked chicken broth soup and satay soup(tasted like curry). We had a platter full of beef, pork, live prawns, the house's special fish balls and fresh vegetables. I felt so guilty eating such delicious food by myself without my honey. I was imagining him eating toast and my guess was confirmed when I went home.

Landmark Hot Pot House  ☆☆☆☆
4023 Cambie St. Vancouver (Cambie x 24th Ave.)
Tel: 604-872-2868

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2005年 02月 14日

Please snow!


It rained on Saturday and it snowed on the mountains. Tomorrow is Valentine's day♪

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2005年 02月 12日

Antony and the Johnsons from Zulu Records

バンクーバーにはとってもイカすレコード&CD屋がある。その名はZulu Records。内装はミッドセンチュリーで試聴ブースがたくさんある。私のお気に入りのブースはスタッフのお薦めコーナー。25枚くらいのお薦めCDがある。私はそこに座って余裕で1時間ほどCDを聴く。先日このCDをそこから選び、即、気に入ってしまった。CDを買った時、お店の人がこの人バンクーバーで3月ライブやるけどチケットあるよって。よっしゃ!CDとチケット2枚買う。

買ったCDは”Antony and the Johnsons”の"I am a bird now"(↑フロントカバー)。シンガーのAnthonyは白人男性だが、黒人女性のような美しい声を持っている。彼はイギリスで生まれて、オランダに数年住み、1990年からニューヨークに住んでいる。現在34歳。Lou Reed, Rufus Wainright, Boy Georgeは彼のファンでこのCDでも歌っている。AntonyはRufusのニューアルバム”Want Two” (このアルバムも最高!)の”Old Whore’s Diet”を歌っている。Lou Reedの”The Raven”というアルバムにも参加している。このアルバムを聞いてみたい。


There is a cool record & CD shop in Vancouver. The name is Zulu Records. The interior is mid-century and there are lots of listening booths. My favorite booth is the staff picks' corner. There are normally about 25 staff picked CDs. I can sit there and listen to the CDs for an hour easily. I picked this CD from there the other day and I liked it instantly. When I bought the CD the shop staff told me they sell tickets for this artist’s live in March in Vancouver. Wicked! I bought the CD and two tickets.

The CD I bought was called "I am a bird now" by “Antony and the Johnsons”(↑Front cover). The singer, Anthony, is a Caucasian man but has beautiful voice, kind of black female voice. He was born in England, spent several years in Holland and came to New York in 1990. He is 34 years old now. Lou Reed, Rufus Wainright, Boy George are big fans of this singer and they all sang in this CD. Antony sang the song called “Old Whore’s Diet” in Rufus’s new album “Want two” as well (It’s a great album too!). He also appears in Lou Reed’s album, “The Raven”, which I love to listen to.

His music is sorrowful and beautiful. I cannot wait for the live in March.

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2005年 02月 11日

ハ二‐運転免許試験合格!!! My honey passed the driving test!!!



I took the day off today and took my honey and the car to the driving test place. In Canada, you take your own car to your driving test, but a person who has a license needs to accompany the learner. We got there at 8:15am and my honey left with the examiner. My honey looked very nervous. I killed 45 minutes by reading a book and then, my honey came back with a grin. It cost $67 for taking the test ($50) and issuing a license card ($17). In Japan, it is almost mandatory to go to a driving school to get a license. It costs about US$2,800 to go to a driving school. If your driving is bad, of course, you need to take more lessons and costs more money. I am going to force my younger brother to get his license in Canada!

Anyway, from today on, I don't need to drive my honey to midnight, Friday night hockey games. Yippee! But I might go and watch him sometimes♪

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どろバン 忘年会
from Pleasant な日々
80's レトロなグラス達
from Pleasant な日々
You Could Ha..
from リ・マイブラ
Memoirs of G..
from Pleasant な日々