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2006年 02月 02日

Flying Beaver Bar & Grill

b0059607_5291964.jpgリッチモンドのFlying Beaver Bar & Grillに行きました。ここはバンクーバー空港の南ターミナルにあります。昔はここにメインターミナルがあったそうです。このパブはHarbour Airという水上飛行機会社に隣接しています。

We went to a pub restaurant called Flying Beaver Bar & Grill in Richmond. The restaurant is in the south terminal of Vancouver airport. Apparently the main terminal was used to be here. This pub is just next to a seaplane company, Harbour air.


The view was nice and the food was great. We went there on Sunday and Sunday was $2 for a sleeve of beer. My mum and husbands were very happy (I was a Designated Driver(T0T)BOO).


My mum had hum & pinapple pizza.


My husband had a club sandwich.


My brother had a chicken quesadilla.


I had a tuna burger. The tuna was seared outside and raw inside, and it matched very well with red and yellow pepper salsa sauce. We are going to come back here again definetely.

Flying Beaver Bar & Grill (map)
4760 Inglis Drive
Richmond, BC V7B 1W4
*Since it's a pub, person under 19 is not allowed to enter.

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2006年 01月 23日

Parkside Restaurant

Parkside Restaurant に行ってきました。カメラとミニ三脚持って行きましたが、ちょっと写真を撮る雰囲気ではなかったので、撮りませんでした。私が食べたのは。。。

We went to Parkside Restaurant. I brought my camera and a mini tripod but the atomosphere wasn't like taking pictures, so I didn't. I ate...

*Pesto crusted salmon carpaccio, potato and green bean salad, tapenade vinaigrette
*Braised beef short rib, spring onion mashed potato, savoy cabbage, mustard jus
*Dolce latte Gorgonzola, toasted pecans, poached apple and Greek honey

全て美味。それぞれの素材が完璧に調理されていました。友人が頼んだ、Sticky toffee pudding, spiced rum and ginger ice creamを一口食べさせてもらいました。ショウガ味のアイス初めて食べましたが、素晴らしい味でした。


Everything had beautiful taste. Each ingredient was cooked perfectly. I had a bite of sticky toffee pudding, spiced rum and ginger ice cream which our friend ordered. It was my first ginger flavoured icecream and it was wonderful.

There were nice paintings in this restaurant. The bathroom was clean. The food was excellent, moreover I find the service is the best of the restaurants I've been in Vancouver. It was a fun night.

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2006年 01月 12日

Dine Out Vancouver

1月20日(金)から2月2日(木)まで、Dine Out Vancouverという外食奨励イベント(?)が行われます。バンクーバー周辺の144店のレストランで、$15, $25, $35のコースメニューが楽しめます。人気のレストランはもう予約がいっぱいだそうで、幸いにも私達はParkside Restaurantを予約することができました。メニューはこんな感じ↓で、前菜、メイン、デザートから一つずつ選びます。これで、一人25ドル(約2,500円)はリーズナブルですよね。楽しみです。

An event called “Dine Out Vancouver” is going to be held from Friday, January 20th to Thursday, February 2nd. You can enjoy a three-course dinner at 144 of Vancouver's restaurants for $15, $25, or $35 per person. Popular restaurants were booked up already, but luckily I was able to book the Parkside restaurant. Their menu is listed as below and you pick one dish from appetizer, main, and dessert menu. This course, $25 per person is quite reasonable. I am looking forward to it.

*Wild mushroom soup with black truffle oil, whipped crème fraîche and herbs
*Terrine of chicken, rabbit, smoked ham and foie gras, toasted country bread, traditional garnishes
*Pesto crusted salmon carpaccio, potato and green bean salad, tapenade vinaigrette
*Salad of Belgian endive, apples, croutons, toasted pecans and blue cheese dressing

*Braised beef short rib, spring onion mashed potato, savoy cabbage, mustard jus
*Crisp duck confit and Toulouse sausage, cassoulet beans, port wine orange sauce
*Gulf coast prawns, saffron and Parmesan risotto; lemon, chili and garlic butter sauce
*Handmade pumpkin and mascarpone stuffed ravioli, toasted hazelnuts and truffled sage butter

*Dark chocolate pot-de-crème, brandy soaked cherries
*Sticky toffee pudding, spiced rum and ginger ice cream
*Dolce latte Gorgonzola, toasted pecans, poached apple and Greek honey
*Trio of house made sorbets

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2005年 07月 10日

Sweet Obsession

b0059607_2321540.jpg私の妹は甘党です。彼女が推薦するバンクーバーで一番おいしいケーキ屋の一番おいしいケーキを買ってきてくれました。100万キロカロリーぐらいあったと思いますが、おいしかったです。ケーキ屋さんでもケーキを食べることができて、どんなケーキでも一切れ5ドルだそうです。このケーキは「St. Honore」という名前で、8人分あって28ドル(約2300円)でした。

My sister has a sweet tooth. She brought us the best cake from the best cake shop in Vancouver that she recommends. I think the cake had 1 million kilo calories but it was yummy. You can eat at the cake shop as well. Any cake is $5 for a slice. This cake is called "St. Honore", which is for 8 people and costs $28.

b0059607_23225128.jpgSweet Obsession
2611 West 16th Avenue (map)

by chilco | 2005-07-10 23:25 | Restaurants
2005年 05月 30日

Pub Crawl...again


b0059607_13432470.jpg友達と一緒にパブクロール(パブを何軒もはしごすること)に出かけました。。。また!? 集合場所はガスタウンにあるSteamworks。このパブの地ビールはおいしい。友達は地ビールお試しセットを注文。

We went to pub crawl with friends...again!? We gathered at Steamworks in Gastown. Their own beer is very good. Our friend ordered a sampler.

b0059607_13441734.jpgみんな夏のような天気を楽しんでいました。私達もちょっと水遊びをして、The Millでビールを飲みました。

b0059607_13493419.jpgEverybody was enjoying the summery weather. We played with water a little bit, and had beer at the Mill.

b0059607_1354228.jpgそれからWestin Bayshore HotelにあるThe Seawall Bar & Grillへ。ホテルではLEO Awards(BC州のインディペンデントテレビ賞)の式典が行われていて、バンクーバーのテレビキャスターがセレブっぽい人たちをインタビューをしていた。知らない人達ばっかりだったけど、このお兄さんはナイススマイルをしてくれた。。。で、あなた誰ですの?

b0059607_13563547.jpgThen we went to the Seawall Bar & Grill at the Westin Bayshore Hotel. There was a reception for the LEO Awards (that's BC's Independent TV awards) and Vancouver's TV casters were interviewing celebrity look like people. I didn't know anybody but this dude gave me a nice smile... but who are you?


The last pub was our house. Fun time passed so quickly and the time was 12 AM. We ended up drinking for 11 hours. We thought drinking from the noon and finish in the late afternoon would give us no hangovers on Sunday, but we were totally wrong about that.

b0059607_13583329.jpgThe Steamworks
375 Water Street

The Mill Marine Bistro & Dock
1199 West Cordova Street

The Seawall Bar & Grill
1601 Bayshore Drive

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2005年 05月 22日

Sakae Japanese Restaurant

b0059607_14174815.jpg金曜日の昼は同僚と一緒に「栄」に行く。以前は大抵ミニちらし&うどんセットを頼んでいた。最近はスペシャルランチボックス($12.95, 約1000円)を注文する。栄はこのスペシャルランチボックスを数週間前から始めた。何種類もの料理がひとつひとつ丁寧に作られている。

I go to Sakae every Friday for lunch with my colleagues. I used to order a set of mini Chirashi (varieties of sashimi on sushi rice) and mini Udon (noodle in soup) quite often. These days I order this Special lunch box ($12.95). Sakae started this lunch box a few weeks ago. There are so many kinds of food and each kind is prepared thoroughly in details.
Sakae Japanese Restaurant
745 Thurlow Street (map)


We now rent an allotment next to my mother's. We think we planted too much. We are looking forward to harvest our crop.


Sweet Banana pepper
Perilla (Shiso in Japanese)

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2005年 05月 17日

Cloud 9

Cloud 9というバーに行った。このバーはエンパイアランドマークホテルの42階にある回転式展望ラウンジ。1回転、1時間20分かかる。飲み物もリーズナブルな値段で、眺めは最高だった! 金・土曜日はピアノ演奏がある。

We went to the bar called, Cloud 9. This bar is a revolving lounge on the 42nd floor of the Empire landmark hotel on Robson street. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes for one revolution. Drinks were reasonable price and the view was fantastic! Piano performance is held on Friday and Saturday night.

1400 Robson Street (map)
Open 5 pm – 12 am (Sun-Thu)
Open 5 pm – 12:30 am (Fri, Sat, $5 cover charge)






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2005年 05月 10日

Le Gavroche

b0059607_13244236.jpg今日のランチはフレンチのLe Gavrocheに行った。このレストランはワインが豊富。写真の超でかワインは5L。普通のワインは750ml。5Lのボトルは1本2,000ドル(16万円)するそうだ。一番高いワインは幾らかウェイターに聞くと、答えは24,000ドル(192万円)だった。そんなの頼む人いるんですかと聞くと、3,000ドル(24万円)くらいのは頼む人いるよだって。どんなおいしいワインやの?

We went to Le Gavroche for today's lunch. This restaurant has many varieties of wine. The humongous bottle in the photo is 5 litres. Normal wine is 750 ml. Apparently, the 5 litre one is $2,000. I asked a waiter how much the most expensive one was. He said it was $24,000. I asked again if anybody ordered such expenstive wines. There are people who order wines around $3,000, he said. I wonder how good the wines taste?


Hors D'oevres was a salad with goat cheese and tangerine. It was mixed in with mustard dressing.


The main course was lamb chop and mashed potato.


The dessert was pear comport, stuffed with stilton cheese. Stilton cheese is blue cheese from England. It matched with the taste of the pear comport. It was genius who came up with this one!

Who threw these shoes?

by chilco | 2005-05-10 13:45 | Restaurants
2005年 05月 05日



We went to Zakkushi yesterday. We live nearby, so we go there sometimes. This restaurant is ran by a restaurant called “Kuuraku” in Tokyo. Skewered chicken (or other variety of skewered meat) is barbecued with charcoal heat which makes the meat juicy. My recommendation is, hearts, bacon wrapped garlic shoots. And also, Special BBQ chicken rice bowl is great at the end of the meal, which comes with a fried egg and mayonnaise.

I am going to see my dentist today. I hope I don't have any bad teeth.

823 Denman Street (map)
604-685-1136 (予約可能)

The photo is from Zakkushi's HP.

by chilco | 2005-05-05 05:36 | Restaurants
2005年 04月 05日

Trip to Victoria...


We were going to go to Victoria with friends by bike. I woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning but it was raining horribly. I checked the weather forecast and found the precipitation is 100% in Victoria. Nothing gets worse than cycling in the rain, so we decided to go by a car. We got to Victoria at around 10:30 am and the weather was … NOT RAINNING!Actually the whole weekend didn’t rain. We felt very guilty not cycling. Stupid weather forecast!

b0059607_14592467.jpg最初にSooke(スーク)というヴィクトリアから30KM西にある小さな町に向った。 Quimper公園を散歩し、アザラシやかわいい鳥達を見つける。自由に散歩してるワンコ達はとてもハッピーに見えた。幸せな犬だな。

First, we headed to a small town called Sooke which is about 30 km west of Victoria. We walked round the Quimper Park and found several seals and pretty birds. Doggies looked very happy to run around freely here. Lucky dogs.


We got back to Victoria and it was 3 o’clock, time to go to pubs! The first one was the Spinnakers, their own beer is very famous. I had beer called “Twenty” which is their 20th anniversary beer. It was very yummy and strong, 7% alcohol. We had Antipasti, perfect appetizer for beer drinking. It had very good olives, salamis, crispy bread, clams, smoked salmon. We really liked this place.


Next pub was The Swan, which make their beer as well. Friendly service, decent food, good beer. I was feeling pretty jolly and called Yukun. He guessed I was drunk and his guess was right. It was good that he didn't go out with me that night. What was waiting for me afterwards was...

b0059607_1532962.jpgマニラアサリ!また他の地ビールパブ、Canoe Brewpubに行く。みんなバーガーを注文したのに、 私はマニラアサリを注文。これが悪かった。これ食べてから、キモくなる。夜が過ぎるとともに、キモさ倍増。このパブの後、飲めなくなり、夜が楽しくなくなる。(ToT)

Manilla clam! We went to another micro brewery, The Canoe Brewpub, very nice pub. Everybody ordered burgers, but I ordered Manila clam. Bad move! After eating this dish, I felt sick. As the night went, I felt sicker and sicker. After this pub, I could’t drink and didn’t enjoy the night at all. (ToT)

b0059607_1571825.jpgSticky Wicket は別にどうってことのないパブ。Big Bad John's はブラジャーが天井からぶらさがっていたり←、名刺がそこらじゅうにはりつけてあったりと雰囲気がユニークだった。京都にある地球屋っていう居酒屋を思い出させるパブだった。最後、Hugoはかっこつけちゃってるグラマラスなラウンジ。みんなカクテル飲んでたけど、私とミセスKは紅茶。これもまた悪かった。その夜、カフェインにより寝られなくなる。 (TOT)

The Sticky Wicket, was an okay pub, nothing really special. Big Bad John’s had unique atmosphere, bras were on the ceiling←, people’s name card everywhere. It reminded me a pub called Chikyuya in Kyoto, Japan. Lastly, Hugo’s lounge was sassy and glamorous. Friends were drinking cocktails and Mrs. K and I were drinking tea. Bad move again. We couldn’t sleep much with caffeine that night. (TOT)

一晩中苦しんだ。今まで経験した中で一番最悪だった。次の日友達みんな結構元気そう。朝食を取りにJohn's Placeに行くが、バリ混み。代わりにReef Restaurantに行く。ハ二-のFrittata(オムレツみたいなん)はおいしかった。ジェラシー。

I suffered all night with sickness which was the worst I had experienced before. Everybody was in decent shape next morning. We went to a breakfast diner called “John’s place” but it was packed. We had breakfast at the Reef restaurant instead. My honey’s Frittata (kind of omelets) was really good. Jealousy.


I wished I didn’t get sick this bad but maybe this was punishment.

b0059607_16455760.jpgThe Spinnakers ☆☆☆☆☆
308 Catherine Street

The Swan ☆☆☆☆
506 Pandora Street 

Canoe Brewpub, Marina & Restaurant ☆☆☆(-☆ Manilla Clam)
450 Swift Street

The Sticky Wicket, Pub & Restaurant ☆☆
919 Douglas Street

b0059607_16342122.jpgBig Bad John’s ☆☆☆☆
919 Douglas street

Hugo’s Lounge ☆☆☆
625 Courtney Street

John’s Place
723 Pandora Avenue

The Reef restaurant ☆☆☆
533 Yates Street

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