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2006年 01月 02日

忘年会 / A year-end party


ちゃんこ鍋をしました。皆さん色々とおいしい物をたくさん持ってきてくれました。写真を撮らなかったのでお見せできないのが残念です。その晩は、笑いすぎました。母とCzさんが意気投合し、高級ふとんを売る計画を立てていました(笑)。人生最後に何を食べると話していましたら、Czさんは納豆(しかもしょうゆも何もいれないで食べる訂正:しょうゆは入れるそうです。)。Cheeryちゃんはオムレツと答えてみんなびっくりさせました。Green doriさんの旦那様が侍のように男らしくご両親に結婚を申し入れたことや、その申し入れがお義父さんに暖かく迎えられたことに聞き入ってしまいました。その話を聞いて涙を浮かべるcz007さん、スイートでした。Loonieちゃんはより大きくなって、彼女もよう笑てはりました。Toonieはんとトン太はんはLoonieちゃんがワイルドモードな時、片手でおしめを変えれるそうです。Renomotoさんはホームレスの人達にクリスマスイブの日ターキーサンドを配った貴重な体験を語ってくれました。時はあっと言う間に午前1時になり、みなさん帰られてしまいました。楽しい宴でした。

I had a year-end party (held to help people forget the troubles of the past year) at our house with blog friends. The bloggers were Green-dori and her newly wedded husband, Toonie and her husband, Tonta and their beloved daughter Loonie, Cz007, Renomoto, and Cheery-sheep. My husband, mother and sister came to join us as well.

We had Japanese hot pot and everybody brought something delicious. It's a shame I cannot show them since I didn't take any pictures. I laughed so much that night. My mum and Cz007 got on very well and they were planning to sell deluxe futons together (lol). We talked about what would you eat as the last meal in your life. Cz007 said it would be Natto (fumented soya beans) without any sauces and spices (correction: only with soy sauce). Cheery sheep surprised us when she said it would be an ommelette. Everybody listened to the story of how Green-dori's husband asked marriage to her parents in a macho Samurai way and his prorposal was warmly welcomed by her father. I saw cz007 had tears in her eyes when she was listening to their story, which was sweet. Loonie was grew bigger and she also laughed so much. Toonie and Tonta can change dipers with just one hand when Loonie is in wild mood. Renomoto told us how she distributed turkey sandwiches to homeless people on Christmas eve. The time went so quickly and everybody left when it was 1 am. It was a fun party.

by chilco | 2006-01-02 11:41 | Vancouver

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