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2005年 10月 09日

The Proclaimers and Franz Ferdinand

スコットランドの大好きなバンド、ProclaimersとFranz Ferdinandがバンクーバーにやってきた!

My favorite Scottish bands, the Proclaimers and and Franz Ferdinand came to Vancouver!


ライヴが終わった後, 後片付けをしているお兄さんに頼んで、ステージフロアに張ってあった演奏曲リストをゲット。大満足で、私達もさぁ帰ろうかと出口に向かうと、な、な、なんとCharlieとCraigがいるじゃありませんか!お客さんにサインをしたり、写真を撮ったりしている。私も一緒に写真を撮ってもらい、夫は演奏曲リストにサインをしてもらった!しかし、写真がちゃんと撮れてなかったことが発覚(ToT)!。もう一度お願いして、一緒に写真を撮ってもらう。今度はばっちぐ〜。世界で一番素敵なバンドだと思った。

映画シュレックに使われた I’m on my wayを知っているちびっ子も多いらしい。最近出たアルバム2枚はどちらもとても良い。こちらで試聴できます。私の好きな曲は"Born Innocent", "Sweet girls", "I'm on my way"かな。

The Proclaimers are a duo of identical twins, Charlie(↑right) and Craig(↑left). They sing songs with Scottish accents. They are popular not only in Scotland but also amongst Scottish people all around the world (also amongst non Scottish people). In the club where the concert was held, the only voices I could hear was Scottish. When the band started to play, audiences were singing along with Charlie and Craig's beautiful harmonies♪

b0059607_4195669.jpgAfter the concert, I asked a dude who was clearing the stage if I could get the playlist which was on the stage floor. I was very pleased that I got the playlist and we were about to get out the venue. Then Charlie and Craig were there! They were signing autographs and taking pictures. I got a picture taken with them, and my husband got their autographs on the playlist. BUT we found out that the pictures weren't taken properly(T0T)! We asked them again to take pictures and they were perfect! We thought they are the nicest band in the world.

Some kids know "I'm on my way" since the song was used in the film, Shrek. Two albums which were released recently are really good. You can listen to them from this link. My favourites are "Born Innocent", "Sweet girls", "I'm on my way".

b0059607_446412.jpgそれから数日後、Franz Ferdinand(過去記事こちら)が来た。その日は彼らのニューアルバムの発売日で、RobsonのHMVに彼らがサイン会に来た。行ってきた!

バンドメンバーが登場。私の順番が回ってきて、Alexが、"How are you doing?"と言った。私は、"I'm good, thank you."としか返事しかできなかった(ToT)。NickのHelloにも、Helloとしか返せず。写真撮りましたが、←これ以外全部ブレブレ(T^T)。HMVを出て、外で待っていてくれていた夫にサインして貰ったCDを見せた。

Franz Ferdinandは2月に日本でライヴをするそうですね。ニューアルバムもナカナカ良いです。ニューアルバムのなかでは、"Do you want to", "This Boy", "Outsiders"がいいな〜。前のアルバムにあった、"This fire"と"Take Me out" はこちらで試聴できます。

A few days later, Franz Ferdinand (my past article is here) came. That day, they released their new album and they came to HMV on Robson for autograph session. And, I went there!

The band members turned up. Then my turn came, Alex said, "How are you doing?". I could only reply, "I'm good, thank you." (T0T). I could only say Hello to Nick's Hello. I took some pictures but they are all blurred apart from this one↑(T^T)。I got out of HMV and I showed the signed CD to my husband who was waiting for me outside.

b0059607_4382513.jpgI heard Franz Ferdinand is doing concerts in Japan around February. Their new album is pretty good. I like "Do you want to", "This Boy", and "Outsiders". You can watch music video of "This fire" and "Take Me Out" from this link.

It's three days holiday from today! Whoohoo!

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