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2005年 06月 29日

We wish you ANZAN!

b0059607_13293935.jpgバンクーバーに住んでいる高校の同窓生のToonieはんとハズバンドのトン太さんの初めての赤ちゃん (Loonieちゃん)が間もなく産まれます。


Toonie, who lives in Vancouver and went to the same high school, and her husband, Tonta, are going to have her first baby (Loonie) very soon.

We wish you Anzan (easy labour), Toonie!

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2005年 06月 29日


b0059607_5254161.jpgウィル・スミス(36歳)主演の「Hitch」を観ました。邦題は「Hitch 最後の恋のはじめ方」 (ほぅ、こんなサブタイトルが付いているとは。。。)



b0059607_534437.jpgWe watched "Hitch", which Will Smith (36 years old) has the main role.

It has been a long time since I have encountered such a great romantic comedy. The heroine, Eva Mendes → (31 years old) is a cool gossip magazine writer in this film. Her dresses were very cute and sexy. The acting of the supporting actor, Kevin James↑, was very funny.

This film made me feel very happy.

マイ評価 (最高10ツ☆)
IMDB Rating 6.7

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2005年 06月 26日

Commercial Drive Festival


この前の日曜日、家具屋を覗こうと思ってCommercial Driveに行くと、お祭りだった。Commercial Drive はバンクーバーの東部にある通りで、色々な国のお店が立ち並ぶ。この日は通りが歩行者天国となり、ユニークなお店やパフォーマンスを見て楽しんだ。

There was a festival on last Sunday when we went to Commercial Drive to check out a furniture shop. Commercial Drive is a street which is in the east of Vancouver. There are many shops from many countries. The street was open only for walkers on that day and we enjoyed to see many unique shops and performances.

b0059607_2151545.jpg家具屋さん、Attic Treasures。

The furniture shop, Attic Treasures.
You can buy used mid-century furnitures.


Hair cut under blue sky.


Hockey under blue sky.


Bicycle tank?


Roasted chicken looked really yummy.


Face painting.
I want to do it one day.


Mr. & Mrs. K invited us for dinner. BBQed Marinated beef steak, baked potatos, roasted peppers and egg plants/aubergines mixed in yoghurt. Yummy~!


Dessert was coffee custard caked with frozen yoghurt. Yummy~!

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2005年 06月 22日

Batman Begins


This film was 2 hours 20 minutes but the time flew so quickly. It was soooo good!

監督はイギリス人のクリストファー・ノーラン。彼は 「Memento」も監督しました。これもかなり面白かったです。Batman Beginsを見て思ったことは話が現実味のあるものだったこと。Batmanは実在するんじゃないかと思わせる内容でした。コンピューターグラフィックもかなり少なかった。あるインタビューで監督がその事実を確証しています。IMDBによれば、監督は、「最近の映画はだんだん非現実的なものになっていると感じでいるんだ。僕達が求められているものは映画をどれだけ壮大な物にするかであって、それをコンピューターグラフィックでやらせることではないんだ。」と言っています。拍手!

The director is an English guy, Christopher Nolan. He directed "Memento", which was quite good as well. What I think after watching "Batman Begins" is that the story is very realistic. The film almost made me to believe the Batman really existed. We noticed the film did not use much computer graphics. I found this interview which confirms the fact. According to IMDB, the director said, "I think there's a vague sense out there that movies are becoming more and more unreal, I know I've felt it. The demand we put on ourselves was to be as spectacular as possible, but not depend on computer graphics to do it." Applause!


b0059607_1282545.jpgThe casts are fantastic! The main character, Christian Bale↑→, was the boy as the main character from “Empire from the Sun" which was directed by Stephen Spielberg (released in 1987). Now he is a handsome guy and he magnificently acted two roles, Batman and the true character, Bruce Wayne. The other casts are Michael CaineGary OldmanMorgan FreemanLian Neeson. These great actors acted humbly for their supporting roles. Ken Watanabe and an Irish actor, Cillian Murphy were great as well.

Batman Begins HP 日本語
Batman Begins HP English

IMDB Rating 8.5

b0059607_11564747.jpgこの映画はバンクーバーに新しくできたシネコンParamount Vancouverで観ました。椅子もすわり心地がよかった。エスカレーターではウィル・ファレル主演のBewitched(奥様は魔女)の予告が。。。見たい!!!ウィル・ファレルはこないだDaily Showに出てたけど、随分痩せてかっこよくなっててびっくりしたよ。

We watched this film in a new cinema complex, Paramount Vancouver, in downtown. The chairs were comfortable to sit. We saw a trailer of “Bewitched" on the escalator, which Will Ferrel is in. I want to watch it!!! Will Ferrel was in the Daily show the other day and I was so surprised to see him looking so slim and handsome.


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2005年 06月 20日

Musical Baton

Toonieはんから「ミュージックバトン」が回ってきた。なんじゃそら〜!? ブロガーの音楽チェーンレターみたいなもんで、ブログ上で下記の質問に答えるそうです。

I was passed a musical baton from Toonie. What the heck is a musical baton? It's like a musical chain letter for bloggers; apparently, you need to answer the following questions on your blog...

Total volume of music files on my computer


Song playing right now

b0059607_9184268.jpg☆Belle & Sebastian - "Dear Catastrophe Waitress"

3)最後に買った CD: 一昨日アルバム2枚買いました。両方ともイギリスからです。
The last CD: I bought two albums the day before yesterday. Both of them are from Britain.

b0059607_9375817.jpg☆Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep  

100% British Rap!

b0059607_9352883.jpg☆Gorillaz - Demon Days

10曲目の"All Alone"はFeaturing Roots Manuva↑と発見してびっくり!
We were surprized to find the 10th song, "All Alone" was featuring Roots Manuva↑!

4)よく聴く、または特別な思い入れのある 5 曲
Five tunes I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

b0059607_945345.jpg☆Zero7 - "in the waiting line"

I love this music video. Click here for the video clip.

b0059607_9451165.jpg☆UA - "太陽手に月は心の両手に"/"Taiyo te ni, tsuki wa kokoro no ryote ni" (The sun on my hands and the moon on my both hands of my heart)

My honey and I start to dance when we listen to this music.

b0059607_9463444.jpg☆Franz Ferdinand - "Michael"

スコットランドのバンド。彼らに関する過去の記事はこちら. ビデオはこちら。
A band from Scotland. My past article about them is here. Click here for the video clip.

b0059607_946583.jpg☆Jurassic 5 - "The Influence"

L.A.のHip Hop 6人組。ビデオはこちら。
A 6 man Hip Hop crew from L.A. Click here for the video clip.

b0059607_946496.jpg☆Koop - "summer sun"

スウェーデンのバンド。この曲はYukimi Naganoという18歳の日本人の女の子が歌っています。ビデオはこちら
A band from Sweden. This song is sang by an eighteen year old Japanese chick, Yukimi Nagano. Click here for the video clip.

5)バトンを渡す5名様 : Sorry! よろしければバトンを回してくださ〜い。
Five people to whom I'm passing the baton: Sorry! Please pass the baton if you could.

憂鬱天国-my blue heaven
King inK
ガラス工芸・ステンドグラスギャラリー観遊記 by crojiroo

by chilco | 2005-06-20 09:48 | Music
2005年 06月 17日

Roman Abramovich


ハニーが双眼鏡を出して、セカンドビーチに停泊している超巨大船↓に“Le Grand Bleu”と書かれているを発見した。このサイトによると、世界で6番目に大きいヨットだそうだ。

それから、このヨットはロシアの億万長者、Roman Abramovich が所有することが判った。彼は同じようなサイズの船を他にも2隻、またプライベートジェットを1機持っている。彼は、去年FAカップ(イギリスの一番大きいサッカーのリーグ)で優勝したチェルシーF.C.のオーナーであることで有名。

彼は若干39歳で、1.3兆円の富を持っている。フォーブズ誌によれば、彼はロシア人で一番のお金持ちで、世界では21番目にお金持ちなんだそうだ。彼はタイヤのセールスマンをしていたが、Wikipediaによれば、「共産政権の崩壊後新しく民営化された石油産業等の株を安く買って富を築きあげた」。違う言葉に言い換えると、ロシア人労働者を騙して、彼らが持っていた価値のある株を二束三文で買い上げた (詳細はこちらイギリスの新聞ガーディアンの記事で読めます)。


My honey took binoculars and found the huge ship↓ at the second beach had a name, “Le Grand Bleu”, written on the side. According to this site, it is the 6th largest yacht in the world.

Then, we found out the yacht was owned by a Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich. He owns 2 other huge ships like this and 1 private jet. He is famous as an owner of an English football team, Chealsea F.C. which won the FA cup (the biggest league in UK) last year.

He is only 39 years old with an estimated fortune of US$13.3 billion! Forbes Magazine said he is the richiest Russian and the 21st richiest person in the world. He used to be a tyre salesman but, according to Wikipedia, he "gained his wealth by cheaply acquiring shares in newly-privatised oil industries after the fall of communism." In other words, he fooled poor Russian workers into selling him their valuable shares for peanuts (Details are found in this Guardian ariticle).

The photo is him and his wife.

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2005年 06月 15日

The days are getting longer...

The days are getting longer. It's bright outside until around 9 p.m. in Vancouver during summer. Since it's a nice evening tonight, we went jogging to the top of Stanley park.


You encounter Lions Gate Bridge after running over an uphill. The photo above is from a panoramic view where you can look over West Vancouver.


Where is your washing? [We call raccoons "Washing bears" in Japanese.]


After this, it's a downhill.
Easy Peesy Japaneasy!


What I think every time I pass here is...
The sign looks like a face somehow!


At the second beach, I met the Belgian brothers (Belgian dogs, Bouvier des Flanders). I often meet them during my jogging.


There was a super duper humongous ship at anchor. When I gazed at the ship, I found a helicopter on it! According to the dude who has the Belgian brothers, it's owned by a Russian. Russian millionaire, eh?

I am hungry!

by chilco | 2005-06-15 12:45 | Vancouver
2005年 06月 14日

Richmond Night Market

The night market in Richmond is open every weekend during summer. I went to help my friend who had a shop there. Richmond is located at the south of Vancouver and its population is 170,000. 40% of the population is Chinese, so most of the shop sellers and customers were oriental people.

My friend sells Japanese cell straps. Cute, eh?

I looked around what kind of things were sold...
Scary objects...

Potted bamboo plants.

Goods for dogs.

Who buys these kinds of knives?

b0059607_1502090.jpg私が買ったものは50枚入りのCD-R ($15、1200円)と、デジカメ用ミニ三脚($7、560円)。
I bought 50 CD-R ($15) and a mini tripod for my digital camera ($7).

2 rambutans ($1.25).

First time to try rambutans. It tasted like Lychees.

My friend gave me this octopus sushi strap for helping him out. I worked from 7 pm to 12:30 am. My friend bought me a dinner and I went home exhausted.

by chilco | 2005-06-14 05:03 | Vancouver
2005年 06月 12日

The White Stripes


White Stripes の ニューアルバム "Get Behind Me Satan" が出たので、速攻買った。昨日は3回程聞いてみた、今4回目を聞いている。とても良い。

デトロイトで1997年にジャック・ホワイトとメグ・ホワイトで結成されたミニマリストロークンロールデュオ。彼らのイメージの象徴は、彼らのセカンドアルバムタイトルにもあるDe Stijl。デ・ステイルはイギリス画家モンドリアンの絵画↓で見られるオランダのミニマリストアートムーブメント。3という数字もこのバンドの象徴で、赤・黒・白の3色、ドラム、ギター、ボーカルの3楽器(ジャックはピアノとオルガンを演奏することもある。)を使う。

彼らはイギリスで最初有名になった。というのも、イギリスのカリスマDJ、ジョン・ピールがたまたまオランダでの休暇中に行ったレコード屋で彼らのCDを発見し、ラジオで流したところたちまちイギリスで人気がでた。その後、アメリカで人気が出て、2004年にはSeven Nation Armyでグラミー賞を取った。ジョン・ピールは残念ながら去年亡くなった。お葬式にはジャックも参列した。ジョン・ピールのラジオ番組にリクエストした時、私の名前を呼ばれたことがある。すっげー嬉しかった。

ジャックとメグはジム・ジャームッシュの短編映画、Coffee and Cigarettesの "Jack shows Meg his Tesla Coil(ジャック、テスラコイルをメグに見せる)" に出ている。かなり可笑しい。

ジャックとメグは兄妹という設定になっているが、実は彼らは元夫婦(ホワイトはメグの名字)。ジャックは最近イギリス出身のスーパーモデル、Karen Elsonと結婚した。彼女は新曲Blue Orchidのビデオに出ている。ここで見れます。ちょっとジャックがジョニー・デップに似てる。

彼らは8月7日と8日にバンクーバーに来る!しかーし、私はその時バンクーバーにいないので、行けない (ToT)。弟がこのバンドを教えてくれたので、弟をライプに送るつもり。彼はまだライブに行ったことがない。一番最初に行くライブがWhite Stripesだなんてかっこよすぎる。

The White Stripes' new album "Get Behind Me Satan" was just released and I bought it swiftly. I listened to it three times and am listening to it fourth time now. It's really good.

b0059607_2535631.jpgJack and Meg White formed this minimalist rock'n roll duo in Detroit in 1997. "De Stijl", which is their second album title, symbolizes their image. De Stijl is a Dutch art movement which you can see in paintings of English artist, Mondorian→. The number 3 is also a symbol of the band: three colours, red, black and white, and three instruments, drum, guitar and vocal (Jack sometimes plays piano and organ).

They first become famous in Britain, because of a charismatic English DJ called John Peel. He found their CD when he popped in a record shop in Holland during a holiday, and he played it on his radio program and they became popular. After this, they became popular in the States, and they won a Grammy award with Seven Nation Army in 2004. Regrettably, John Peel passed away last year. Jack went to his funeral. John Peel once called out my name when I requested a song. I was very chuffed.

Jack and Meg are in Jim Jarmusch's film, Coffee and Cigarettes, an episode called "Jack shows Meg his Tesla Coils". It's quite funny.

Jack and Meg are set as brother and sister, but they were ex husband and wife (White is Meg's family name). Jack recently married an English supermodel, Karen Elson. She appears in the video of their new song, Blue Orchid. You can see it here. Jack looks like Johnny Depp.

They are coming to Vancouver on August 7th and 8th! BUT, I won't be here that time and I cannot go (ToT). I am going to send my brother to the concert since he introduced the band to us. He has never been to a live concert before. It's so cool that the first concert he is going to go is the White Stripes.

by chilco | 2005-06-12 02:57 | Music
2005年 06月 09日

Frank Lloyd Wright



落水荘 (在ペンシルベニア、アメリカ)
Monona Terrace (在ウィスコンシン、アメリカ)
グッゲンハイム美術館 (在NY, アメリカ)
上の写真は外観(撮影時1955年)。Rato Recordsから引用
帝国ホテル中央玄関 (在愛知県、日本)


(原題:So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright)

さようなら フランク・ロイド・ライト
こんなにも早く こんなにも早く

ずっとあなたを忘れない フランク・ロイド・ライト
毎晩一緒に歌いましたね 夜が明けるまで
あんなにたくさん あんなにたくさん


さようなら フランク・ロイド・ライト
毎晩一緒に歌いましたね 夜が明けるまで
あんなにたくさん あんなにたくさん


b0059607_13494486.jpgToday’s Google logo was designed with buildings that Frank Lloyd Wright designed. He is a great American architect in the 20th century. I checked on the net and found today (June 8th in Vancouver) is his birthday but he passed away in 1959. I learnt this from Wikipedia that he used to play with Froebel’s blocks that a German educationalist, Fredrich Frobel invented. Apparently his architectures were greatly influenced with playing these blocks. Well, I can see that in his works. He opened an office in 1915 in Tokyo. According to Mitsui home’s site, 6 buildings he designed exist in Japan.

His famous works are:

Fallingwater (Pennsylvania、USA)
Monona Terrace (Wisconsin, USA)
This building was inspired by Frank Lloyd Write and completed in 1997.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (NY, USA)
The above photo is the outward appearance (the photo was taken in 1955)
Sited from Rato Records.
Imperial Hotel Main Lobby (Aichi Pref., Japan)
A lot of his works are in Chicago where he was from.

“So long, Frank Lloyd Wright", written by Simon and Garfunkel, is one of my most favorite songs.

So long, Frank Lloyd Wright

So long, frank lloyd wright.
I can’t believe your song is gone so soon.
I barely learned the tune
So soon
So soon.

b0059607_1092584.jpgI’ll remember frank lloyd wright.
All of the nights we’d harmonize till dawn.
I never laughed so long
So long
So long.

Architects may come and
Architects may go and
Never change your point of view.
When I run dry
I stop awhile and think of you

So long, frank lloyd wright
All of the nights we’d harmonize till dawn.
I never laughed so long
So long
So long.

by chilco | 2005-06-09 10:14 | Architecture


どろバン 忘年会
from Pleasant な日々
from e3ny.com
80's レトロなグラス達
from Pleasant な日々
You Could Ha..
from リ・マイブラ
Memoirs of G..
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